Children’s Dentistry

Prioritize Your Family’s Dental Health

Children's DentistryA Family-Friendly Office That Fits Into Your Schedule

At Appletree Dental, we allow families to cut down on the time they devote to dental appointments. We will set you up with an appointment block, so every member of your family can see our dentist at the same time.

Bring the Family to the Dentist Every Six Months

The CDC has reported that in children aged 5-11 years, 1 in 5 has a decayed tooth that hasn’t been treated. It’s crucial that you start bringing your son or daughter in for regular dental cleanings and checkups as soon as you notice their first tooth growing in. Instilling good oral hygiene habits at the beginning of your child’s life helps set a precedent for the future of their oral care.

This means that you should also make sure your child is keeping up with all health oral habits, like brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to the families who rely on us for their oral health care. Being our patient gives you perks like:

  • Appointment Flexibility: Our Saturday appointments, evening hours, and block scheduling mean that you have no excuse for skipping your cleanings. We work with our patients to make sure they can get into our office.
  • Onsite Specialists: You won’t need to run all over the state searching for a specialist when every dental expert you may need is located in one office. Our staff includes cosmetic and general dentists, periodontists, and more.
  • Emergency Services: We take our patients’ health seriously, so when they have a dental emergency, we make sure to see them right away. We offer emergency appointments any time a patient calls us with a dental emergency.

Get Started With Our Services

To schedule an appointment, whether that’s an individual appointment for just yourself or a block appointment for your whole family, give us a call at 303-255-4855, or schedule online.